SARA   HARAKAT                                          




Sara Harakat is a multidiscipinary artist and architect whose practice articulates memory, migration, territory, and geographical explorations. She places human interaction at the core of her practice, and question our contemporary understandings of identity and belonging.
Sara completed her Masters in Architecture and Visual Anthropology at “Ecole Nationale d'Architecture de Paris La Villette”.

Sara is the co-founder of HARAKAT* STUDIO, a multidisciplinary design studio in constant movement,  exploring the relationship of people and their territories.
The studio focuses on projects that range from small-scale architecture, to collectible objects, scenography, edible installations and film. HARAKAT* STUDIO design both permanent and ephemeral spaces & objects, drawing from the emotional and physical experiences by incorporating senses and memory. 

* HARAKAT : In Arabic and Persian, "Harakat" (حركات) is the plural form of "Haraka" (حركة), which means movement or motion.

—  Sara is Currently in Residency at Ateliers Medicis